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Hand Sown... Home Grown (1969)Silk Purse (1970)Linda Ronstadt (1971)Don't Cry Now (1973)Heart Like A Wheel (1974)Prisoner In Disguise (1975)Hasten Down The Wind (1976)Simple Dreams (1977)Living In The USA (1978)Mad Love (1980)Get Closer (1982)What's New (1983)Lush Life (1984)For Sentimental Reasons (1986)Canciones De Mi Padre (1987)Cry Like A Rainstorm, Howl Like The Wind (1989)Mas Canciones (1990)Frenesí (1992)Winter Light (1993)Feels Like Home (1995)Dedicated To The One I Love (1996)We Ran (1998)Hummin' To Myself (2004)Adieu False Heart (2006)  
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